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Our Mission

With the motto of “Assistance Without Delay” and a creed of “100% for Charity”, the Old Newsboys are driven by a straight-forward, yet important mission: “No Child Shall Miss School for Lack of Shoes or Coat”. Our goal has been the same since our founding in 1929: “Immediate Emergency Service When a School Administrator, Police Officer, Fire Official, or Neighbor Reports a Child in Need”. The Old Newsboys is not a substitute for public welfare or other various social agencies, and does not undertake continuing clients. Instead, it functions without administrative delay to afford speedy, temporary service.

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Aiding Our Community

The Old Newsboys provide aid and relief to the financially disadvantaged of Northwest Ohio through:

  • Distribution of new clothing and shoes to needy children via vouchers distributed by school administrators, policemen, firemen, and neighbors.
  • Donations to other local charitable organizations that also provide assistance to needy kids.
  • Delivery of food baskets to needy families, throughout the year and especially during holiday seasons.
  • Awarding 8 college scholarships each year to high school seniors who would otherwise not have an opportunity to further their education.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent each year for these worthy programs. Distribution is made without regard to race or creed. The only criteria is being in need.

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A Proud History

The Old Newsboys is an organization of over 600 active and life members. We have been devoted to helping needy kids in the Toledo area since 1929. Our members come from all walks of life. Our common bond of fellowship is compassion for children suffering from poverty and neglect. You don’t have to be old, have had newspaper route, or be a boy to join us.

“Newsies” raise 100% of their own funds by hawking an annual Charity Edition Newspaper each December. We sell our newspapers on area street corners and in local businesses, banks, malls, and any place that will have us. 100% of what we collect goes to help local kids.

We are very proud of our history, and invite you to help us continue our work, by donating both your time and your money.

Our Leadership


President: Scott Noonan
1st Vice President: Sarah Ramirez
2nd Vice President: 
3rd Vice President: David Riethmiller
Secretary: Emilio Ramirez
Treasurer: Jeff Ogg
Sergeant at Arms: Dave Hendricks
Historian: Stan Czerminski
Chaplain: Par Markland
Policy Chairperson: Jim Pool Immediate Past-President

2020 Committee Chairs

Annual Banquet: Tracey Edwards
Paper Sale Appreciation Party:Dave Hendricks and Emilio Ramirez
Drug Awareness:Emmett Beavers
Finance:Jeff Ogg and Tracey Edwards
Golf Classic:Tim Reny
Good & Welfare:Stan Czerminski
Membership: Pat Markland
Paper Sale: Sarah Ramirez
Photographer:Stan Czerminski
Policy Chairman: Jim Pool
Relief:Betsi Hendricks
Scholarship:Ron Shnider
Sports:Dave Hendricks

Past Presidents

*Frank S. Newell
*L. Jay Gifford
*Ray Kest
*Judge Harvey Straub
*Gerald Cullen
*Joe Gallon
*L andon E. Hall
*Chief Roy Davis
*Rev. H.L. Davis *Worth Clegg
*Virgil E. Cramer
*J. Paul Utz
*Isadore Odesky
*Lloyd E. Roulet
*Ralph Hoover *C.E.Veller
*Ray Bassler
*Phil Henning
*Warren W. Clegg
*Bill Strong
*A.F. Papenhagen
*K. VanWormer
*Arthur Gluntz
*Judge Frank Wiley
*Frank G. Pauly
*Sidney G. Douglas *Al Shnider
*Al Boerger
*Homer Hanham

*Judge Willis Ludeman
*Howard W. Adkins
*Kim Boyd
*Andy Mulligan
*Frank C. Justen
*Sol Wittenberg
*Eulan G. Tucker
Tom Weisenburger
*Keno Hatfield
*Elmer V. Scallish
*John McHugh
Dave Langendorfer
*Alfred Samborn
*Richard Buchholz
*William G. Herzing
*Jack Renz
*James S. Rabbit
*Sam Epstein
Ron Shnider
*Bob Standriff
Bob Wuest
John Ludeman
*Phil Zimmerman
Bob Zimmerman


*Jay Shuer
Gary Wolniewicz
Jim Bishop
David J. Williams
Tim Reny
Linda Costell
Gil Cline
John Tharp
Ron Navarro
*J. “Boxy” Boxenbaum
Jerry Baum
Gary Wyse
Jack D. Renz
Stan Czerminski
Bill Sanford
Mike Bell
Laurie Renz-Gast
Pat Markland
Jay Gast
Greg Loeb
David Hendricks
John Mattimoe
Tracey Edwards
Emilio Ramirez
Jeff Ogg
Luke Harman
Rachel Dora

Jim Pool